The Building Toronto Project

The Building Toronto Team is recreating the city of Toronto, Canada, on a 1:1 scale in Minecraft!

The Building Toronto project is unlike any other city building project. Over a square kilometer of Toronto’s downtown core has been recreated using the most detail possible. Every building interior is fully detailed and explorable by you. Visit resturants to order food from NPCs or do any of the story quests scattered across the map.

The project is all about capturing the life and history that makes Toronto such a great city. Every one of the project's builders share this drive for detail. 

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Explore the whole city for yourself in Minecraft at
No mods or resource packs required and our project is always on the latest version of the game.

You can also interact with the project through our Discord or Youtube.

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Join the Build Team Now!

The Building Toronto Team is always looking for new builders to share in the building experience. 
If you are interested you can fill out our application form to let us know!

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