Our Story

The Inizicraft Network is a Canadian based Minecraft Server Network

Who We Are

Founded in 2016 on version 1.12 as a purely Towny Survival server, Inizicraft has grown to today be the home of the Minecraft Building Toronto Project and a Creative Plot Server in addition to our continuing Inizicraft Towny. 

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The Building Toronto Project

The Minecraft Building Toronto Project was created by Gamefruitpulp with the mission of recreating the city of Toronto Canada on a 1:1 scale in minecraft with as much detail as possible.

Every building on the map features a fully detailed and explorable interior as well as accurate street side props. This springs from a core belief of the project that every building in the city is the most important building in the world to someone.

The Project is open to the public so that anyone can explore this great city and relive their best memories. 

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