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Farm & Factory - Update 0.7

Hello ladies and gentlemen. The Inizicraft Network is excited to announce that it’s next major update will be going live on Wednesday October 27th!

Update 0.7, Farm & Factory, will bring new levels of immersion and gameplay to our Inizicraft Towny server. This update will usher in the return of long-lost favorite features and bring much needed overhauls to existing gameplay.


No farm would be complete without a trusty tractor out plowing the fields. Through the Vehicles plugin you can now purchase 3 different tiers of fully modeled and functional tractors from the Tractor Shop (/tractorshop). Each tractor harvests and replants any fully grown crops that you drive over and stores then in the tractor’s onboard storage which you can access by right-clicking. Tractors can use any burnable item as fuel and can be picked up for easy transportation.


Returning the Inizicraft Towny is a revamped Brewery plugin. Now you will be able to use cauldrons, barrels, distillers, and packagers to brew custom potions and beverages for all sorts of recreational and business uses. Farm & Factory will launch with 20 custom alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and 4 custom potions for you do use or sell to others. More recipes will constantly be added. Recipes and an in-depth guide can be found on our Wiki.

RPG Fishing:

Let us face it, very few people like fishing. Well, Inizicraft Towny aims to change that. This update will introduce that addition of an RPG style fishing system where you can buy bait, catch 20 new fish, compete with other fisherman, and sell your catch for a tidy profit. Fishing in different environments will influence what bites your hook. You can also switch between this RPG system and vanilla Minecraft fishing drops by using /nfswitch incase you want to farm the vanilla loot.  

Jobs Quests:

Placing every type of wool is not something that some does very often, right? Like who offers that as a Quest for $10? With Update 0.7 the Jobs Quests will be getting a full rework to make them both more fitting with each type of Job and more rewarding. You will be able to do 3 Jobs specific quests for each of your jobs every day. /Jobs quests can be used to see the requirements and track your progress.

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The Split - Update 0.6

The next major update to is coming to you on May the 15th 2021. 

The Split will be a primarily backend focused update but will also contain a number of quality-of-life improvements for everyone. 

Under the hood this update will involve a complete restructure of how our server is set up. Each of Inizicraft's gamemodes will be given its own server instance instead of each gamemode sharing a single server instance as they now do. This should increase performance across the board and make the server more resilient as lag on one gamemode will not impact the others. Our ability to push out future updates as well as bug-fix will also be greatly improved as we will no longer need to ensure changes to one gamemode do not break things in the others. For those of you still using the /warp command to move between gamemodes, that will no longer be available after The Split becomes live and you will need to use a revamped version of the /server command. Related to this backend restructuring of the server: Inizicraft will also be gaining a hub lobby during the update. We hope that the hub will improve the server's new user experience by more clearly showcasing what Inizicraft has to offer. The days of the Towny spawn being used for everything are almost over. Rejoice. 

Lastly, for the main features of this update is the announcement that each gamemode will be getting its own vote crate with their own set of rewards that are specific to that gamemode. For example, visitors to Toronto will now be able to earn Toronto specific rewards separate from those Towny players earn. 

As part of the update process the server will need to be off for extended periods of time. The first of these will happen during the day on Wednesday the 12th where the server will be offline from noon until early evening. The second downtime will occur for the update release itself on the 15th. That period of downtime should be a couple hours at most as we make the update live. No player data should be lost during the update but we would recommend logging off in the Towny world if you feel paranoid.

We hope you all will enjoy this update as it is a starting point that will allow us to do some impressive things for y'all in the future.

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